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Abstraction: The Dianne Collard Story

Publicity Flyer: GTC:DC updated

I’d like to introduce you to my friend Dianne. She and her family have had one of those experiences no parent should have to endure. Here’s how God transformed her story. You can order a copy of Dianne’s book “I Choose to Forgive.” Available on Amazon.

“This story transforms how we view forgiveness, and how we view art. This is a story for our time; to care for our souls and our culture” Makoto Fujimura

“Abstraction is a short film of the forgiveness and healing journey of Glenn and Dianne Collard after the murder of their son. The film sets the stage but their personal sharing makes it applicable to every person who has ever asked the question, “Am I expected to forgive. . . ? In addition, Dianne’s book, I Choose to Forgive, gives clear instructions concerning why and how we forgive. ” See the attached flyer for info on how to contact Dianne for a viewing of the film and discussion of the issues portrayed.

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